The Care and Feeding of Your Network

In just a few days I’m headed to Chicago for Summer School. Like a lot of different workshops, one of the biggest benefits is building your network, but don’t underestimate what it takes to keep a network healthy. You just can’t collect business cards and then expect to get help whenever you need it with just a phone call or email!

Okay, I’m about to date myself. In the “old days” everyone’s network consisted of business card files. In fact, it became a collectible if you actually had all of a person’s career cards, with different titles, previous companies etc. It was the adult equivalent of collecting Pokemon cards! Today, everyone’s network is in their iPhone or Blackberry. It’s phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses, often birthdays and meeting dates. But here’s a question for you, what are you doing to maintain contact with your network? How are…

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Some great tips from SmugMug to help your fans find you, and other people as well!

SmugMug News

We know that it sounds a bit odd to write a blog post about this, but our Support Heroes get a surprising amount of email from friends, family and clients who can’t find their photographers’ websites. We thought you could use a hand, or at least a handy tip on how to ensure that your photos get seen for sure.

Don’t be vague!

You wouldn’t just tell someone, “Drive to New York, then look for the gray house,” would you?

Similarly, you should give visitors a specific address for the photos they’re expecting to see: Either a direct link to the gallery itself or, if you want to share several galleries, a link to the Category, Sharegroup or Event.

DO: Share a link that take your fans straight to the photos they can’t wait to see.

DON’T: Direct them to‘s homepage and hope for the best.

This is…

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. I had another one that I had started, but felt that it was too much geared towards photography, not business in general. While most of my content will be geared towards photographers, I hope it’s beneficial to all. There will be times that you will not agree with me, and times that you will downright want to shoot me, in any case, feel free to leave constructive feedback. I don’t want this to be a “Troll Haven” but more of a place to get some good business dialog. Feel free to comment and respond. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Leighton D.