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I see to many Photographers forget that they are not just artists, but are also in business. Businesses grow through partnerships. The vendors I use, I use them not only because they care about their reputation, but the also care about my own. The better the product/service they give me, the better I am able to provide, the more I am able to do, and ultimately the more I am able to use them!

One of the most important aspects of attending any major trade show or convention is getting to know the vendors you work with most. I’m not talking about the services or products they offer, but getting to know them personally. This industry is built on relationships. In fact, WHCC many of the photographers I work closest with today are thanks to WHCC’s suggestions, one of them being Vicki Taufer when she was just getting started.

Your network needs to include every vendor who’s important to you. Every vendor in this industry is talking to hundreds of photographers every week. The experience they possess goes well beyond their products. It’s always best to meet them in person, but you don’t have to wait until the next convention – use the phone!

Another important aspect to this post is how you build your relationships with your own clients. As Chris writes, “…building…

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For my Photographer friends out there!

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[UPDATE] The contest is now over. Congratulations to our winner, Josselyne Hutchings! We know you’ll enjoy the course with Sarah.

Sarah Petty and The Joy of Marketing have allowed us to offer our readers a scholarship to their amazing online course, The Photography Selling System. Keep reading for details about the course and how you can win this great prize.

Most professional photographers struggle when it comes to selling their killer images to their clients.

It can definitely be scary!

You don’t want your clients to think you’re pushy and selling them something they don’t want. But at the same time, you know your art is worth what you’re asking them to invest and that they will LOVE it hanging in their home.

So what do you do?

We’re giving away a scholarship to a program that can help you master selling your photography without being pushy.

One of the most…

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