Another spot on post. I have done one and two and i am now beginning to implement three. Especially as I do more boudoir, fine art nudes, and Commercial fashion shoots. Insurance, releases, and agreements are often needed most when they aren’t there to begin with. Close the gate before the horse leaves the barn!

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Guest Post & Photo by Stephan Bollinger – Circle Stephan on Google+
When I picked up my very first camera over 30 years ago, I had no aspirations to ever become a professional photographer, I just had fun taking pictures. I never thought about any commercial value of my images, and even less about legal issues, releases or insurance. In other words, I had no clue at all, I was occupied enough to figure out Aperture and Shutter-speed, over time I discovered composition and light, I just had a blast. Later down the track, when the hobby slowly turned into a job, I had to painfully learn that most of the images I produced over the years could not be used commercially, simply because I never asked anyone to sign a release form. Looking back, I wish someone would have given me a few hints in this regard, and I…

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