I love the thoughts of this. I always find it amazing how many photographers, and business people in general, PROTECT their tweets. Why? how does that help your ability to become known and viral? Many of us are artists, but at first, we need to remember that we are in business. What’s your business?

Photofocus (old site)

I have NEVER claimed that I am a Twitter expert. I don’t think there is such a thing. I do know that I have a great many followers and that I get very good traction from my Twitter account. I am comfortable with sharing what’s worked for me. With that in mind, here are 10 quick tips for photographers who want to use Twitter – with one simple caveat – remember these have all worked for me. I am not saying they will work for you, but you might want to try them.

1. Use your real name or photo business name. It gives you more credibility and makes you less likely to be labeled a troll, coward, etc. It’s also better for SEO.

2. Tweet daily. Tweet twice daily about 12 hours apart for good traction and tweet several times a day if you have something you think is…

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